Top 20 Home Care Awards: Celebrating Excellence

    Discover the pinnacle of care excellence with our Top 20 Home Care Awards! Awarded to outstanding organizations in 2023, these accolades recognize the utmost dedication and compassion in the sector. Join us in honoring these remarkable achievers who set the standard for exceptional care.

    No1 People recognises the hard work professionals and healthcare providers do across the country and that’s why we have various awards categories that can be for you. Each year we host awards events, please see for more information.


    Awards process:

    1. Identifying Nominations

    No1 People are committed to identify Healthcare leaders, innovators, healthcare professionals and enterprising start-ups through a length research, word of mouth, first-hand experience process. We also encourage nominations via online visitors, social media followers, clients and colleagues.

    Nominations should champion the best in their first respective field, representing the business and individual achievements.

    2. Shortlisting Nominations

    All nominations firstly are formally requested to accept their nomination to be considered. Those who accept are given the opportunity to submit additional materials in support of their nomination.

    There is no obligation to complete, however it will support your nomination in showcasing your nomination and it will also assist with our judges to understand you or your business better.

    3. Judging Process

    Our dedicated judges have well over 10 years of judging experience and have a wealth of experience in sourcing and awarding the right person or business, in showing the well needed recognition.

    Our judges will look into every nomination individually and all the materials supplied to support the nomination and assess if the individual or business rightful deserves the award they have been nominated for.

    Our research team will also support the judges in making the final decision as they will support the judges in showcasing the following: service excellence, marketing and branding, industry recognition, ethnical practice, employee, and employer satisfaction

    4. Award Winners​

    Once winners of the chosen categories have been made, our team will personally notify the individual or business directly before making a public announcement through our website and social media channels

    5. Promoting your achievement

    Please speak to our dedicated team who can discuss packages that can be suitable for your to promote your achievement, this can be from a selection of awards, medals, certificates, featured in our Awards magazine.

    Award Categories

    Top 20 Secure Accommodation

    Top 20 Adoption Service

    Top 20 Childcare Agency

    Top 20 Fostering Service

    Top 20 Adult Placement Service

    Top 20 Nurse Agency

    Top 20 Support Service

    Top 20 Daycare of Children

    Top 20 School Care Accommodation

    Top 20 Housing Support Service

    Top 20 Care Home Service

    Top 20 Childminding Service

    Leading Home Care Award

    The Highest Growth Firm

    The Sector Leader

    Entrepreneur of the Year

    The Social Care Superman Award

    The Social Care Super Women Award

    The Tech Champion Award

    The Talented Development Award

    The Communication Guru Award

    Agency Worker of the Year

    Carer of the Year

    Support Worker of the Year

    Registered Manager of the Year

    Nurse of the Year

    Longest Staff

    Best Newcomer

    Best Staff

    The Lifetime Achievement Award

    The Inspiring Volunteer Award

    The HR and Recruiter Award

    The Equality and Diversity Award

    The Rising Star Award

    The Outstanding Partner Award

    The Businessman of the Year

    The Businesswomen of the Year

    Best Supply of Staff

    Best Recruitment Process

    Best Training Provider of the Year

    The Care Home of the Year

    Nursing Agency of the Year

    Agency Firm of the Year

    Recruitment Firm of the Year

    Most Trusted Care Agency In UK

    Top 20 Home Care Provider

    Top 20 Offender Accommodation


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